Rutherford Manufacturing Group has joined the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. RMG is proud to support our local chamber of commerce. We believe in our community and strive to bring opportunities to its people. Manufacturing is necessary to feed our local businesses with the products and support they need to thrive. RMG is here to support and serve Tennessee businesses. We help businesses from Automotive and Aerospace to Energy, Processing and Packaging components, and so much more.  RMG also helps businesses in the Engineering prototype space bring their products to life as well as optimize the parts for manufacturing (DFM). We also offer those services to inventors and can mass-produce their products. Rutherford Manufacturing Group has CNC milling, CNC turning, Wire EDM, CNC precision grinding, 3D printing (SLS), Sheet Metal Cutting (Fiber Laser & CO2), Sheet Metal Bending, Quality Control, CMM PartMeasuring (with SPC), and Automated manufacturing capabilities. RMG also offers finishing services for Anodizing, Black Oxide, Cerakote, and Powder Coating through our amazing network of Manufacturing Specialists.