To address what makes us stand out from other machine shops, we must first define what a machine shop is. In the simplest terms, a machine shop is a location, building, company, or room where machining is carried out. Machining refers to the cutting of raw materials in order to convert them into functioning parts. The end-product of a machine shop is a part that is made of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or various other materials.

More often than not, these parts were purchased by other manufacturing industries such as the automotive supply chain (cars, trucks, vans, Semi trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, forklifts, lawnmowers components and/or parts), aerospace supply chain (airplanes, drones, jets, gliders, rockets, satellite components and/or parts) agriculture supply chain (farming, irrigation, processing, transportation components and/or parts) , etc., but that’s not always the case, and this is where RMG differentiates itself from other precision machine shops.

What Makes Us Different?

While RMG does operate as a precision machine shop, we’re actually so much more than that. Machine shops, also sometimes referred to as job shops, are typically focused solely on part production.  At Rutherford Manufacturing Group, we’re focused on all the steps of manufacturing.  That means for all “you idea people” out there, we’re here to help you bring your ideas to life.  Our staff has helped bring a wide range of products to life from things as simple as a custom travel case for medication or a custom motorcycle GPS mount to OEM parts for popular automotive brands. We support solar and wind renewable energy components as well as robotic components for manufacturing automation and programmable surgery equipment.

What Do We Do?

If you need parts produced, our machine shop is ready to supply a quote and get your order into production.  For everyone else, we are here to help you in the following ways:

CAD & 3D Modeling

We provide CAD models and drawings that can be used for various purposes.  If you’re planning to prototype or manufacture a product, you will require a CAD model that is engineered to those standards.

Our engineers want to work with you to learn about your goals and make sure you get precisely what you need.  This process allows you to explore different concepts and features in 3D Digital Design, see visual renderings and design mockups, and receive files that are optimized for manufacturing.

3D Printing & Prototyping

3D Printing, often referred to as additive manufacturing, is a process of producing tangible products from 3D digital model files. This is a great option for prototyping in many cases because of the efficiency and lower cost. 3D Printing is an additive process where an object is produced by laying down precise layers of material until the object is complete. We provide fast turnaround and high-quality 3d prints for creators, artists, engineers, and brands across the United States.

Part Manufacturing

As a manufacturer with varied capabilities, Rutherford Manufacturing Group has the premium materials and equipment to machine custom parts to your exact specifications. From simple fasteners to complex components, we have the manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise to design custom machined parts to meet your needs. Our team has manufactured custom machined parts for many different industries automotive, agriculture, aerospace, aviation and so much more. Our shop is focused on small parts, short and long runs, and tight tolerance high and low volume parts.

Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC Machining is a favorable choice for manufacturing processes. Aside from the efficiencies it provides when it comes to both time and money, it is also very flexible in terms of production. This method of manufacturing can accommodate complicated shapes in a variety of materials while maintaining consistent quality.

Imagination Exploration

Do you have a product idea or invention, but need some guidance on how to bring it from idea to reality? That’s exactly what Imagination Exploration is all about. We design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture products for creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations. Our flexible development process gives you the opportunity to create innovative products for yourself or your industry. We understand that each project, product, company, and inventor is different. That’s why we offer flexible services for creators and inventors to fit your specific needs. Our free consultations will help identify your project needs so you can accomplish your goals.

We Believe in Efficiency

RMG was born out of dissatisfaction with the status quo.  We believe that customers should be able to have a one-stop-shop for their manufacturing needs, from idea to production. For that reason, we built our business model to address every step in the manufacturing process.

Built on the belief that when the right people connect, anything is possible, we’re always working with other innovators in the manufacturing industry and this growing network of industry leaders helps us best serve our community and customers.

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