Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a method of machining that uses computer systems to finely control machining equipment such as mills and lathes. Innovation and the use of computers in manufacturing have created an increase in CNC Machine applications.  At Rutherford Manufacturing Group in Murfreesboro, TN we provide CNC machining among our general machining services. Here’s a look at some of the applications and advantages of CNC machines.

When to Choose CNC Machining Over Conventional Machining 

CNC machines can be used for all of the same manufacturing and fabrication purposes as conventional machines, just in an automated way rather than in a manual way. The level of automation CNC Machining offers increases in efficiency (cycle time) and precision, making it a good choice over conventional machining for just about every manufacturing and fabrication process. 

Benefits of Choosing CNC Machining

Improved Quality

CNC machining is an incredibly precise process, capable of generating parts made to precise specifications detailed in a digital template (CAD file). Every detail of the part’s production is programmed for the machine to read and execute, eliminating margin for human error. Making part after part consistently the same with no deviation.

Increased Versatility

Advanced design software has allowed for more versatility in manufacturing.  Through computerized automation, it’s now possible to create incredibly complex parts that would otherwise be incredibly difficult or impossible to replicate manually.

Streamlined Efficiency

Automation naturally leads to greater speed and efficiency in any manufacturing process. CNC machines are capable of operating around the clock whereas manual methods that rely on humans cannot. Once a CNC machine has been programmed for a specific part or design, it can repeat the exact same program over and over again with the exact same level of precision every single time, making CNC Machining a no-brainer for mass production and scalability. Another way of looking at this is from a labor perspective. Manual machines require a machinist to be at the machine at all times. 1 machine 1 machinist, 10 machines 10 machinists. With CNC machining 1 operator can manage several machines’ productivity simultaneously. 2 operators can manage 10 machines reducing labor cost by 5x in the 10 machine scenario.

Significant Savings

By improving quality, increasing versatility, and streamlining efficiency, CNC Machining eliminates human error and unnecessary material waste. These eliminations get passed along to you in the form of cost savings when it comes to staff and material. Less scrap and more profit, because time is money.


Quality CNC Machining in Middle Tennessee

CNC machining is a powerful tool for streamlining and optimizing the manufacturing process. At Rutherford Manufacturing Group, our team has manufactured custom machined parts for many different industries including, but not limited to automotive, agriculture, aerospace, aviation, pharmaceutical, food, industrial, construction and so much more. Our shop is focused on small parts, short and long runs, and tight tolerance high volume parts.

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